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Into the Gaulschlucht

We continue our journey after an ample breakfast in Munich and arrive at our destination, the Vettererhof in Lana, at around 2 pm. The view from our balcony passes muster :-)

View from the balcony

KnödeltrisAfter a little rest, unpacking our suitcases and a quick run for groceries we head for dinner at the Rebmannkeller. The loss of the Verve Рone of my favourite restaurants in Bielefeld Рand its magnificent Knödeltris (bread dumplings) is still fresh in my mind, so I go for the obvious choice from the menu.

The next day, we decide to start small and pick out a walk through the Gaulschlucht, a ravine which starts in the middle of Lana. On our way there, we walk along one of Lana’s main streets and through a pedestrian-only shopping zone and get a first impression of the place. There may be more pristine villages in South Tyrol, but everything important is just a short walk away.
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Stopover Munich

The trip from Bielefeld to Munich luckily turns out to be mostly unremarkable. We don’t get into any of the flooding related traffic jams – unlike the unlucky travelers on the other side of the Autobahn.

Neues RathausAfter a quick hunt for parking in Munich’s Old Town – the hotel’s basement garage is occupied down to the last space – and checking in to our hotel room we prowl the streets for a place to eat. Naturally, I forget to bring the freebie city map with me, so we’re left wandering aimlessly along the streets between Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz.

We finally end up in the Zwickl restaurant at Dreifaltigkeitsplatz, lured in by the daintily decorated tables. The bedirndled waitress is cheerful and friendly, the Radler tasty and refreshing. I’ve had a better Wiener Schnitzel in Bielefeld, though. Maybe I should have picked the Pflanzerl (meatball) instead?

A free drink in the hotel bar later and it’s time for bed – after all, I have to rise early and refill that parking meter…