My foray into sewing

Last weekend, I figured I should practice a little for the sewing class I signed up for, and making a Tatüta (a Taschentüchertasche or hanky case – is that a specifically German phenomenon?) seemed like the perfect place to start. It’s a great newbie project for a number of reasons: it only requires straight seams, uses up very little fabric, plus no one really needs one, so no hard feelings if you manage to mess it up. I compared a couple of tutorials and decided to go with this (German) tutorial from Casa Soleggiata. The result:


It’s far from perfect – the seams are sort of crooked (attaching the bias tape was the hardest part), but all in all I feel quite accomplished :-) Yes, I know having my own fashion tags made before making my first stitch is a certain sign of delusions of grandeur – but isn’t it pretty?

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